Feel overwhelmed by the multiple demands?

Each service is available in part or in whole as for your customized program designed to meet your practice's needs:

Operations & Staffing

  • Clerical
  • Reception
  • Scheduling
  • Phone coverage
  • Patient Roster Tracking
  • Record Template Customization
  • Coordination with continuity of care services
    (e.g., counseling, urinalysis, case management, pharmaceutical reps, insurance networks, pharmacies, etc.)
Physical Plant
  • Subleased office space
  • Equipment
  • Medical Record storage / EHR recommendations
Our staff takes pride in providing you and your patients with quality office support services. The performance of our duties and responsibilities enables you to perform your highly specialized medical services with a sole focus on clinical care within your own independent private practice business or OBOT program.

Please feel free to contact us at (774) 319-1621 to discuss how we can assist you in optimizing your private practice or OBOT program.